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Aymee & Marcio - Curtiss Mansion - Miami Springs, FL

The more we learned about Aymee & Marcio, the more engrained their beautiful relationship became engrained in our hearts! From the moment we met with Aymee and her mom at the beautiful Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs, FL, we knew this family would be very special to us. They gave me so much creative liberty and allowed my team to do what it does best. Weeks before we were able to meet, Aymee's dad called to book us. He said 'I don't know what ideas they have, all I know is she has to have you.' My heart instantly melted!

Ayme & Marcio were married in the Grove at Curtiss Mansion on February 28, 2020. We designed a lush moongate arch for this special ceremony. Delicate greenery and tons of Smilax filled the structure with delicious volume. White & ivory blooms peeked out, all throughout this gorgeous floral moongate. Aymee wanted a large garden inspired bouquet and we were so very happy to oblige! But, the love between these two amazing souls definitely stole the show.

My favorite part of this wedding was the 'room reveal'! Aymee cried and you know I followed! Her reception tables were divided between elevated and low arrangements. The tall arrangements seemingly met the tablescape by way of long tendrils of fresh Ivy. Candlelight filled every table and created a warm romantic vide. This was truly a dreamy garden wedding. Let's talk about the sweetheart table! Aymee & Marcio share a love of all things Star Wars, amongst other cool things we'll get to later. They had a custom neon sign made by Echo Neon, that read 'I love you, I know'. Remember when Han Solo says that to Princess Leia in 'The Empire Strikes Back'? We found a way to make that part of the sweetheart table and it was a hit.

Aymee & Marcio's amazing vendors:

Floral Design: Taylor Event Design

Photographer: Patty Rodriguez Photo

Catering: Elite Catering

Bistro Lights: Twilight Production

Officiant: Adriana Camacho

Cake Topper: Artifice Producciones

Neon Sign: Echo Neon

Pup Bar Menu: Draw Me Please Shop

Want to hear a little more about this amazing couple? Enjoy their wedding pictures below, flawlessly shot by Patty Rodriguez Photo and scroll down to read a little about them.

Meet our bride and groom, Aymee & Marcio

How and where did the two of you meet? We met back in 2016. A mutual friend of ours was having a birthday celebration at the beach. We had seen each other in passing before then, due to hanging around the same people, but the beach day was our first official meeting.

How did he/she propose? We try and travel every year for the different Comic Con Conventions, both local and around the U.S. Marcio proposed on our 2019 San Diego Comic Con trip at the beach on our second day there! Our closest friends were with us and I had sort of suspected it because he was acting so nervous. He had been down on one knee for a while because I wouldn’t turn around (our friends were supposed to distract me with pretending to take a selfie lol.) After that, we all lined up to camp out in the Hall H line. We made it in the next morning and got to see all the panels, including Marvel!

How long had you two been together before you were married? We had been together for 3 years.

Is there anything that you love doing together, as a couple? It’s funny because on the surface, we seem like complete opposites – I mean, he was a Star Wars guy, and I’m a Harry Potter girl, and we would have arguments about rather a Jedi or Wizard would win in a fight (obviously the wizard would win!) I eventually watched all of the Star Wars movies and he watched all of the Harry Potter films and we can finally say that both are equally amazing lol but wizards would still definitely win! But we love the same things and have the same sense of humor. It feels cheesy to say, but we really are best friends. We love watching shows and movies together – we are currently binging all the anime on Netflix and Hulu. We love traveling, going to different conventions, and we enjoy collecting. We collect everything from Funko Pops (we have over 1,000) to Pokemon cards (definitely Marcio’s collection, he is one of the few people I know that still plays Pokemon Go!)

Where did you honeymoon? We wanted to honeymoon somewhere adventurous. Despite meeting at a beach and getting engaged at a beach, neither of us are really beach-y people. We went to one of our favorite cities in the U.S., New York City. We went on a few tours, visited museums, ate really great food, and finally saw a Broadway show. It was amazing.

What is your fondest memory of your wedding day? Everyone always says how your wedding day will go by fast, so try to enjoy every minute – and it’s definitely true! Honestly, walking down the aisle with my dad and getting to see Marcio’s face was unforgettable. Also, after taking some pictures during cocktail hour, we got to see the reception area. I knew Myrna and the Mansion team had some surprises for us but seeing it for the first time after saying our vows was breathtaking. It looked more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, and it was nice to have that little moment as newlyweds before the wedding guests came in.


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