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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Through the years, we have been blessed to embarking on wedding planning journeys with so many beautiful couples. We design their dream wedding and along the way we become family. Subscribe to our Blog to get notifications each time we share one of their stories. We'll share details of their love stories and take you behind the scenes, along the planning and designing process. You'll meet our favorite vendors & planners, visit some of our preferred venues in both South Florida and Central Georgia and indulge in designs that stole our hearts along the way.

We'll inspire you with stunning images from some of South Florida & Georgia's top wedding photographers. Having them capture our work through different lenses is something that we always look forward to.

We are suckers for large scale installations. We have a go big or just stay home mentality. We love challenging concepts, that blow most minds. A dear Miami Flower Friend, Maria Alejandra from Flower Fanatic, calls me 'MacGyver'. I love mechanics and all the behind the scenes that make stunning installations possible.

We just want to warn you...We have a fireplace obsession! Anytime we are given the opportunity to create a floral installation around a stunning fireplace, we are going to snatch it! Two of our favorites to create floral installations around are the limestone fireplace at the Historic Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs, FL and the sky-high stacked stone fireplace at the Ritz-Carlton Reynold in Lake Oconee, GA.

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